Gigabyte's C232 and C236 mobos blend work and play

All the cool kids are releasing motherboards with Intel's C232 and C236 chipsets that blur the lines between work and play. It only makes sense that Gigabyte would join the party, too. These boards support Xeon E3-1200 v5 processors and sport a slick digital camo appearance.

We got a look at the full lineup of the company's C232 and C236 boards at CES. These boards range from basic workstation-oriented boards to G1 Gaming-branded hardware for enthusiasts. We're highlighting a couple of these boards below.

The GA-X150-PLUS WS is an ATX board with 2-way Crossfire support, a PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 slot, and Intel gigabit NIC. It also has high-quality audio capacitors, Gigabyte's Audio Noise Guard feature, and a bit of LED lighting thrown in for good measure.

The GA-X150M-PLUS WS is a smaller microATX option that doesn't have room for all the features of its bigger brother. It retains the larger board's Intel gigabit NIC, high quality audio capacitors, and the all-important LED lighting, but the dual-graphics support and M.2 slot don't make the cut.

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