Windows 10 upgrade notifications can be disabled with a registry edit

Since July, Microsoft has offered Windows 10 as an optional free upgrade for many users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. As we let you know last October, the Windows 10 upgrade will soon become a "recommended update," meaning that the install files for the new OS will automatically download for anyone using the default Windows Update settings. However, users who've decided to stick it out with their older Windows versions do have some options for blocking the upgrade and suppressing the offer notifications.

According to Microsoft, the Windows 10 upgrade can be blocked in several ways. First, Microsoft has released updates that install a new Group Policy Object. Computers with this update "will never detect, download, or install and upgrade to the latest version of Windows." Second, users can block the upgrade by adjusting a setting in "Computer Configuration." Finally, the upgrade can be blocked by modifying the registry. Microsoft's website provides detailed instructions for each of these methods.

If all you're interested in is suppressing the notifications about the Windows 10 upgrade, you'll need to work with the registry. Once again, all the details are on Microsoft's support site. It is important to note that these concerns don't apply to every computer. The Windows 10 upgrade is automatically blocked for computers running enterprise versions of Windows, computers joined to a domain, or computers managed through MDM.

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