In Win's transforming H-Tower gets a release date and price tag

We first saw In Win's gloriously ostentatious H-Tower transforming E-ATX case at this summer's Computex. This week at CES, In Win revealed when potential buyers will be able to get an H-Tower of their own and the price they'll pay for the privilege. You may want to sit down before continuing.

Ringing in at a whopping $2,399.99, the H-Tower is simply in a league of its own. Even the other products in In Win's vaunted Signature line don't even come close. I suppose if you're selling a case that has built-in lasers to outline its safe operating area, you can charge as much as you want. Buyers for whom the H-Tower is something they can't live without won't have to wait much longer, either. This case will be released next month in silver-and-black or black-and-red color schemes.

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