Alienware puts OLED screens in mobile gamers' reach

Dell and Lenovo have already deemed OLED screens good enough for prime time as monitors. Now, according to PC World, Alienware is adding one to its Alienware 13 gaming notebook. Given that the premium gaming PC maker is a Dell subsidiary, that move isn't a huge surprise.

The OLED panel Alienware demonstrated is apparently a 2560x1440 unit, with a response time of less than a millisecond. Of course, with no backlighting to speak of, the black levels should be zero. "How much more black could that be? The answer is none." The panel should also offer stronger colors than most LCDs, too.

PC World says the new Alienware 13's specs should stick fairly close to the current version, apart from an unspecified CPU bump. Most surprisingly, the site says the OLED-infused laptop ought to be priced at a rather reasonable $1,499.

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