AMD slashes the R9 Nano's price tag to $499

AMD's Radeon R9 Nano may be the graphics card with the highest performance-per-inch ratio on the market today, but its compact size came at a premium price when it was released. The smallest Fiji card launched with a suggested price of $649, about as much as the bigger-and-faster R9 Fury X or Nvidia's market-leading GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Now, AMD tells us that it's lopping $150 off the Nano's price tag, bringing it down to $499.

With this move, the R9 Nano now sits around the price of many GeForce GTX 980 cards. By many accounts, the Nano provides roughly similar performance to a GTX 980, but this card can also slot into tiny Mini-ITX cases where full-length GTX 980s can't go. We'll have to see whether this substantial price cut entices more system builders to visit Fiji, but a $150 discount certainly makes the Nano look more appealing.

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