Seagate adds 8TB drive to NAS storage lineup

Seagate has updated its lineup of NAS-oriented hard drives. The NAS family now welcomes its newest and biggest member, a drive with an impressive data capacity of 8TB.

The company calls the new drive the "largest NAS-optimized drive on the market," and says it's suitable for use in up to 8-bay enclosures. The company says the drive's firmware is optimized with "extended error recovery controls," which should help protect RAID built with these drives from unnecessary rebuilds.

The drives also come with dual-plane balanced motors, purportedly offering better tolerance to vibration. Seagate puts the drives' WRL (Workload Rate Limit) at 180TB per year, a figure the firm says is the largest in the SOHO NAS drive category. The drive's expected MTBF is 1 million hours, too, and the company offers a 3-year warranty coverage.

Seagate is currently shipping these drives to "select customers," and says they'll be available to everyone by the end of Q1 2016.

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