Helium lets Seagate store 10TB on its latest data-center drive

Seagate's 8TB NAS hard drive isn't the biggest thing going in mechanical storage today. The company has also announced a 10TB version of its Enterprise Capacity 3.5" drive. This data-center-oriented drive puts seven platters and 14 heads under helium to reduce friction and turbulence.

The Enterprise Capacity comes by its 10TB of space using perpendicular magnetic recording technology. All of those bits will be accessible over a SATA 6Gbps or a 12Gbps SAS interface. Seagate rates this drive for a 2.5-million-hour MTBF, and it further claims that this drive holds the lowest power-per-terabyte ratio and weight spec for its capacity.

These drives also come with Seagate's PowerChoice, PowerBalance, and RAID Rebuild firmware features. The Enterprise Capacity line is backed with a five-year warranty. Seagate says the drive is now shipping to "select customers."

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