Fixstars' SSD-13000M goes all the way up to 13TB

Yesterday, we covered Seagate's 8TB and 10TB hard drives. Fixstars probably saw that news and thought "psh, we can go bigger without moving parts." Enter the 13TB SSD-13000M and its "smaller" cousin, the 10TB SSD-10000M. The company isn't new to the large SSD game, either. It released a 6TB model last year.

The new drives are powered by an unspecified controller of Fixstar's own design, and they rely on 15-nm MLC NAND. The company specs these drives' sequential read speed at 580 MB/s and writes at 540 MB/s, and it claims those speeds will remain steady throughout long I/O operations. Power consumption should be under 3W when idle, and up to 6.5W under load.

The drives' form factor is 15-mm high, meaning they won't fit in most laptops. We doubt that's an issue in the markets Fixstars is targeting, though. The firm expects these drives to find homes in applications like video and VFX processing, streaming content, and object storage. Fixstars has an order page up for these drives, and it says it'll be shipping them in late February with a three-year warranty.

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