Rumor: Huawei will soon get into the PC business

Huawei is growing at a steady clip, and the company now seems to be thinking that a piece of the PC market pie would hit the spot. Chinese newspaper Yicai reports that there's some substance to the rumors floating around about Huawei's upcoming foray into that market.

According to Yicai, Huawei will make its splashing entrance during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company has filed for the "MateBook" trademark recently, and a Huawei spokesperson expressed displeasure with the fact that a lot of people are using Apple computers to a Yicai reporter last year, so it's not too hard to imagine what the firm is thinking. The newspaper also speculates that "MateBook" is likely to refer to a whole lineup of PC-oriented products, too, not just systems.

Yicai says that Huawei already has a partnership with Intel in the works, too. Not only that, Huawei's headhunters are apparently out on the prowl for staff with knowledge of PC gear. Although Huawei probably isn't the first name that US people think of when it comes to computing, the company is quite the giant by any measure. Back in 2014, it made a profit of $5.5 billion on revenue of $46.5 billion, and it currently employs over 170,000 people worldwide.

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