AMD will introduce two Polaris GPUs this year

In a recent interview with VentureBeat, AMD's Raja Koduri spilled a handful of beans on the company's upcoming Polaris GPUs. Most notably, Koduri told the site that AMD is cooking up not one, but two Polaris chip designs for this year. Those parts will be called Polaris 10 and Polaris 11. Koduri says Polaris 10 is the "console-class" GPU for thin-and-light notebooks, while Polaris 11's position in the market wasn't specified. Cards based on the new architecture will be named according to "galaxies, star systems, and stars," but they'll still be sold under the Radeon umbrella.

Koduri also seemed to be confident that AMD is several months ahead of the industry on its transition to FinFET GPU production, "especially for the notebook and mainstream market." He noted that Nvidia has shown off its next-generation Pascal GPUs in specialized applications like Drive PX 2, but it has yet to demonstrate Pascal silicon in a mainstream product.

Koduri also says Polaris' design isn't finalized yet. In the company's recent comparison between a Polaris GPU and a GeForce GTX 950 running Star Wars: Battlefront, Koduri notes that the Polaris chip used in the demo was pre-production silicon. In that test, the Nvidia system AMD demonstrated drew 153W, versus 90W or so for the AMD system. The firm expects to further improve the design before its release in mid-2016.

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