Corsair's latest memory kits blend speed and capacity

Looking for a high-frequency DDR4 memory kit? Corsair announced three new additions to its Vengeance LPX line, and all three boast transfer speeds over 3000 MT/s. In fact, Corsair claims that these are some of the fastest kits they've ever made. All three kits come with removable 40mm fans to help keep temperatures down.

The largest kit offers 128GB of capacity across eight 16GB DIMMs. Corsair says this kit is optimized for Intel's X99 quad-channel platform. These DIMMs are rated for 3000MT/s, and XMP 2.0 support means that setting that speed should be just a couple clicks away in motherboard firmware. This kit runs at 1.35V, has 16-18-18-36 timings, and comes with black heat spreaders. It's available now on Newegg for $981.99.

The two smaller Vengeance LPX kits are available in 64GB or 32GB capacities. Both are designed with Intel's Z170 platform in mind, and each draws 1.35V. The 64GB kit is rated for 3333 MT/s, has 16-18-18-36 timings, and retails for $499.99. For those more interested in raw speed than capacity, Corsair offers a 32GB kit that's rated for 3600 MT/s at 18-19-19-39 timings. This kit isn't available on Newegg yet, but it'll carry a suggested price of $349.99. These kits are available with black or red heat spreaders.

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