1. Electic Tech has AMD's earnings report,
    AOL 7.0 client,
    and Intel security driver v1.04.012
  2. AMDZone has SYSmark 2001 Media Encoder Palomino patch
  3. EverythingUSB on 3Com's wireless Bluetooth USB adapter
  4. 3DSpotlight's Soldier of Fortune tweak guide
Processors and notebook

  1. PenStar Systems on Athlon model numbers
  2. AKIBA has Athlon XP (thanks Firestone)
  3. LostCircuits reviews VIA C3 800MHz
  4. AMDZone reviews Compaq Presario 1215US mobile Athlon 4 notebook

  1. The Inquirer has AMD-760 MP(X) mobos info
  2. accelenation reviews EPoX EP-8KHA+ KT266A mainboard
  3. t-break reviews Shuttle AB30R
  4. OCTools reviews Iwill KA266plus
  5. Electic Tech has 1.1 BIOS update for MSI MS-6545
  6. SocketA has a list of BIOS updates for Asus mobos
Multimedia and cooling

  1. EXHardware reviews Solarism LM1503 15" LCD monitor
  2. Digit Life's SB Live! to Live! 5.1 hardware upgrade article
  3. Source Magazine reviews Philips Rhythmic Edge
  4. OnePC reviews Philips MMS305 4.1 flat panel speakers
  5. Hardware-TEST reviews Western Digital WD800BB HDD
  6. Designtechnica reviews Sanyo SCP-6000 cellphone
  7. AtlantaOC reviews OCZ Dominator
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