Intel Authenticate lets IT departments secure their PCs in hardware

If Intel and IT departments have their way, perhaps you won't have a choice but to log into a company PC using approved authentication methods. Alongside its lineup of Skylake vPro processors, Intel revealed a new tool for IT departments yesterday called Authenticate that uses hardware features of the platform to enforce and verify up to three multi-factor authentication methods.

Intel says PCs with Skylake vPro chips inside will be able to perform multi-factor authentication using methods like PINs, biometrics, or proximity to another device. Most importantly, the security policy and credentials used to verify the user's identity are stored in hardware, not at the operating system level where they might be vulnerable to modification by malicious software. All verification also takes place on the device, meaning sensitive info never leaves the PC. That hardware-level security also lets the PC lock itself if a user walks away with their phone, for example.

Authenticate is available as a preview for businesses who want to put it through internal qualification and testing.

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