JEDEC makes GDDR5X official

Bandwidth ahoy! Hot on the heels of the news that Samsung is producing HBM2 chips, the JEDEC standards body has now published the specification for GDDR5X graphics memory, affectionately known as JESD232.

As the name implies, the new standard is based on the existing GDDR5 spec, but doubles the range of available bandwidth to 10-14 Gb/s per die. Although those numbers aren't quite as stratospheric as HBM2's ludricous speed, they're certainly nothing to scoff at.

Since GDDR5X uses the same pseudo-open-drain (POD) signaling as its predecessor, it should be relatively easy for GPU makers to take advantage of it. According to earlier rumors, Nvidia and AMD may use GDDR5X in lower-end products and reserve HBM2 for higher-end cards. The release of this standard makes it more likely we'll see a mix of RAM types across next-gen graphics card lineups.

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