AMD and Falcon Northwest cram Gemini into a tiny tower at VRLA

Back when we reviewed the R9 Fury X, we commented on how much power it fits into a compact package. Now AMD and Falcon Northwest, purveyors of powerful (and expensive) prebuilt systems, have taken AMD's Fiji GPU to a new level. Falcon showed off a machine with an AMD "Gemini" dual-Fiji card at Virtual Reality Los Angeles, powering a demo of HTC's Vive headset.

The machine in question is one of Falcon's Tiki micro tower models, which measures a mere 13" tall by 4" wide (or 33 by 10 cm). Despite the diminutive size, Falcon's system seems capable of housing and cooling AMD's CrossFire-on-a-stick Gemini card.

The Fiji GPU is a pretty power-efficient part for its delivered performance, and everything that AMD has been saying about its upcoming Polaris GPU indicates that power efficiency will once more be the name of the game. It's not too hard to imagine Nvidia working along the same lines with its next-gen Pascal chips.

One of the main reasons why the PC gaming collective likes mid- and full-tower cases is in part because of the space, power, and cooling requirements of graphics cards. With the next GPU families from AMD and Nvidia looking like they'll deliver big gains in power efficiency, it's not that far-fetched to imagine a future where the norm is more compact systems packing a ton of horsepower. Your thoughts?

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