Far Cry Primal's story trailer goes way back in time

The Far Cry series of games has been evolving and improving over the years, unlike some others I can think of. Ubisoft's latest title in the series, called Far Cry Primal, is shaping up to be quite interesting. The firm recently releasted a story trailer for the game. Take a look:

At first sight, the story looks like it rehashes the "unwilling and unwitting hero" motif from previous games. However, Primal's environment and character designs, along with the setting-related gameplay changes, make it look like there's more here than just a fresh coat of paint over Far Cry 4. Given that 9-mm ammo wasn't popular in the prehistoric age, it'll certainly be interesting to see what kind of weapons players will have at their disposal.

Although "triple-A titles" and "games in a prehistoric setting" have never really been intersecting groups, the recent success of titles like ARK: Survival Evolved has given some weight to the concept. Far Cry Primal is Ubi's take on that concept, and judging from the gameplay trailers, Primal looks like a nice blend between a first-person action game and a prehistoric, spear-toting adventure.

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