Thermaltake's Core X5 cube cases are expandable and flexible

Part of the draw of desktop PCs is the assurance that everything can be upgraded. A four-year-old graphics card that isn't keeping up with modern games can simply be replaced, for example. For its new Core X5 series cases, Thermaltake is betting that builders want that same modularity and flexibility for their cases.

The overall theme for the Core X5 and Core X5 Riing Edition is customizability. Both start as cube-shaped cases with two chambers: one on the top for hot components and a second on the bottom for the PSU and drive bays. If the base model's 18" by 14" by 21" dimensions aren't large enough for your ambitions, Thermaltake allows you to stack two or more Core X5 cases together, running as one monster machine or two separate PCs.

Thermaltake also offers a number of configuration options for the case's exterior. Much of the Core X5's exterior consists of perforated black panels, while those of the Core X5 Riing Edition come in a memorable shade of green. One of the side panels comes with a large window, and it can be swapped between the left and right side of the case as desired. The I/O panel can be mounted to either the right or left side of the case, too. Magnetic fan filters are included for the top, bottom, front, and side intakes.

Options abound for the interior of the case, too. Both cases support ITX, microATX, ATX, and E-ATX motherboards. Because Thermaltake lets you decide which direction to orient the motherboard, hot air can be exhausted to the rear of the case or through either side panel. The modular drive bays can be placed in a number of different locations, or removed entirely. The modular drive racks open up space for up to seven drives, a second graphics card up to 480 mm long, or a CPU cooler up to 230 mm tall.

Thermaltake is particularly proud of the cooling options available withe Core X5 and Core X5 Riing edition cases. With the Riing edition, buyers get two of Thermaltake's signature 140mm Riing fans. The Core X5 comes with two 120mm fans preinstalled. Adjustable brackets allow for the installation of 120-mm, 140-mm, or 200-mm fans on the top panel, and another three 120-mm fans on the side panel. Finally, the design of the case accomodates most types and sizes of liquid cooling systems.

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