Affordable and slim GeForce GT 710 cards hit store shelves

Looking for a simple, affordable graphics card offering better performance than integrated graphics? Look no further than Nvidia's GeForce GT 710 models. This tiny card became available at retail today, and its small size and tame thermal requirements could make it a good choice for a number of systems.

EVGA GeForce 710 2GB passive

The GT 710 GPU hails from the Kepler clan and packs 192 CUDA cores clocked at 954 MHz. VRAM capacity is 1GB or 2GB of DDR3, accessible by a 64-bit-wide bus and clocked around the 1600 to 1800 GT/s mark, depending on the exact model.

While the card's purported performance of "80% faster than integrated graphics" won't win it any awards, there are a number of situations it's nevertheless handy for. GT 710 cards don't need a PCIe power connector, and several manufacturers have both passive and half-height versions available. The GeForce GT 710 offers support for DirectX 12 and three monitor outputs, too. These characteristics ought to make it an interesting option for HTPCs and desktops where physical space and thermal performance are at a premium.

EVGA GeForce 710 2GB

EVGA and other companies have offered no word on pricing, but these cards should be quite affordable. Similar GeForce cards from the 720 series are available from $45 and up, so the 710 should come in under that.

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