Microsoft releases firmware updates for beleaguered Surfaces

Microsoft has released new firmware updates updates for the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The updates should enhance battery charging and thermal tuning, improve connections on 5Ghz networks, and help the system more accurately detect when the Surface keyboard is attached. While these updates may not address all of the complaints with that hardware, users will likely appreciate Microsoft's attention to these concerns.

These updates follow a tough season for Microsoft's Surface lineup. Some users have been grumbling about a range of issues with the latest Surface hardware since its launch last year. More embarrassing was the public breakdown of the New England Patriots' sideline Surface units during the AFC Championship Game. To be fair to Microsoft, the NFL's statement on the issue says that the problem was not caused by the Surface units, but rather a "network cable malfunction." Defending the reliability of the tablets, Microsoft declares that its Surface units have never failed in the last two years of NFL use. 


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