Fallout 4 patch 1.3 brings HBAO+ and better particle effects to the PC

In our Fallout 4 review, we concluded that while it's a good game, it could still use a little more work on the technical side. Bethesda made a promise of sorts a while ago to keep Fallout 4 updates flowing steadily, and so far it hasn't let us gamers down. The Fallout 4 1.3 patch for PC is out now with lots of important fixes.

The PC version of the game was already the best-looking one to me by far, and it's gotten prettier with this patch. The new version adds support for Nvidia's HBAO+ ambient occlusion, which improves the game's shadow quality. Nvidia card owners get an additional freebie: additional weapon debris effects. Key remapping on all platforms is also improved, too. Players now have additional options for remapping the E, S, D, and F keys while in Workshop mode.

The more technical side of the game hasn't been forgotten. Bethesda says the new update brings "general memory and stability improvements," and fixes a number of issues with companions and buggy perk behavior (no more MacReady headshot cheat for you!). Last but not least, there's the usual laundry list of quest fixes, along with multiple improvements for the Workshop mode. Now, if only one of the bullet points in the release notes said "doubled amount of adhesive in the game world..."

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