Seagate hit with class-action lawsuit over 3TB drive failures

Remember the IBM Deskstar fiasco many moons ago? We may be seeing a rehash of that story, this time with Seagate as a defendant. The company is under legal fire from a class-action lawsuit regarding its Barracuda 3TB internal hard drives and Backup Plus 3TB external drives.

Law firm Hagens Berman has filed a lawsuit in the Northern California District Court on behalf of Seagate consumers who had their 3TB drives fail, sometimes after only a few days of use. The firm claims that the drives "routinely failed at exceptionally high rates," and it cites consumer complaints as well as Backblaze's hard drive reliability study as data points.

According to the firm, even though Seagate did replace the failing drives, the replacements also suffered from the same reliability issues. Hagens Berman says Seagate's actions run afoul of federal consumer laws. Affected consumers may be able to recoup costs from replacing the drives, as well as expenses from data recovery. If you're one of the unlucky consumers who had one of the affected drives fail, you can fill out one of the firm's complaint forms here.


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