Matrox C900 graphics card drives nine displays from a single slot

Super-fast gaming graphics cards are all well and good. Sometimes, though, what one really needs is an absurd amount of display area to keep an eye on stock prices, monitor an entire power station, or perhaps even get a good look at one of TR's frametime Excel sheets. Enter the Matrox C900.

Matrox says the C900 is the world's first nine-output single-slot graphics card. Although the card may not look like much from the top down, its business end is far more interesting. This card has nine mini-HDMI 1.4 outputs, which can drive an equal number of monitors at a maximum resolution of 1920x1200 per unit at 60Hz.

Those monitors can be arranged in configurations like a 9x1 strip or a 3x3 wall. The card's frame locking will ensure all displays are kept in sync, so viewers won't happen to see Greedo shooting before Han.

An unspecified AMD GPU powers the card along with 4GB of RAM. It supports OpenGL 4.4 and DirectX 12. The C900 comes with a PCIe 3.0 x16 interface, and since its power consumption is under 75W, there's no need for a PCIe power connector. Matrox says users can expand their video walls even further by daisy-chaining another C900 card or a C680 instead. The bundled software includes bezel and overlap configuration, as well as EDID management.

The Matrox C900 will be available sometime during Q2 2016. There's no word on pricing, but given that the six-output C680 sells for $635, you can expect the C900's price sticker to be a bit larger.

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