Radeon 8500 vs. GeForce3 Ti 500 benches

Scoop! The folks at German site CHIP Online have some exclusive benchmarks pitting the upcoming all-new Radeon 8500 against NVIDIA's new high-end GeForce3. The results look very good for ATI:
Auflösung, Farbtiefe: 1.024 x 768, 32 Bit
Radeon 8500: 7426 3DMarks
GeForce3 Ti/500: 6820 3DMarks
GeForce3: 6391 3DMarks
Radeon 7500: 4141 3DMarks
And here I was starting to think Forge was blowing smoke about the Radeon 8500. Maybe ATI has a GeForce3 killer after all?
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