Intel bets on peripherals

With PC growth stagnating, Intel seems to be shifting its focus somewhat with the introduction of several peripheral products. C|Net reports:
The new products from Intel's Connected Products Division include an updated Intel Pocket Digital PC Camera, a new MP3 player dubbed Personal Audio Player 3000 and the new Intel Play Digital Movie Creator, a children's video camera. All three use universal serial bus (USB) connections to hook up with a PC and will ship this month.
From where I stand, this is a great move for Intel. Let's be honest, for those who use their PCs for simple office and Internet tasks, there are few compelling reasons to upgrade. As great as XP could be, how many Joe Sixpacks are really going to upgrade their entire box?

Not only does Intel get a chance to promote its brand and encourage PC upgrades through exposing more consumers to digital picture and video editing, they also make a little money selling the gadgets on the side. In an age where, for the general public, PC power is becoming less and less of a selling point, Intel seems to have a pretty good hand. It's only a matter of time before a PC's peripherals are advertised more prominently than its speed.

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