Phanteks launches entry-level contenders with its Eclipse cases

Phanteks has officially launched its latest case series today with its Eclipse P400 and P400S Silent Edition mid-towers. These cases borrow some features from its siblings in the Enthoo lineup, like the Enthoo Evolv ATX, but at a step down in price point.

The Eclipse can house motherboards ranging up to some E-ATX giants, and it features seven expansion slots. Storage is kept out of the way with two 3.5" bays tucked away under the included power supply shroud, along with two SSD mounting brackets on the rear of the motherboard tray. More storage can be added with up to four 3.5" optional modular mounting brackets, though these may interfere with front fan or radiator placement.

The case has space for up to six fans in various configurations. It includes one 120-mm exhaust fan and one 120-mm intake. Builders can add two top-mounted 120-mm or 140-mm fans, and they can also add two more 120-mm fans at the front or exchange those for a pair of 140-mm spinners.  Radiators as large as 360 mm can fit in the front, and a 120-mm radiator can fit on the rear fan mount.

The case offers an all-metal exterior in black, white, and anthracite gray finishes. At the bottom of the front panel, a Phanteks logo is illuminated by an RGB lighting system. The optional side panel window appears much larger than the one found on the Enthoo Pro M. If quieter computing is your thing, Phanteks is offering a P400S Silent Edition that adds soundproofed panels and an integrated 3-speed fan controller.

The Eclipse is among the lowest priced Phanteks cases yet. The P400 starts at $69.99, and windowed versions of that case are $10 extra. The P400S will cost $89.99, windowed or not.

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    • Chrispy_
    • 4 years ago

    Now that’s a good-looking budget case, and I’ve been impressed by the material choice and build quality of previous Phanteks cases I’ve built with.

      • terminalrecluse
      • 4 years ago

      And it’s very wide and doesn’t have drive bays in the front impeding airflow.

        • Chrispy_
        • 4 years ago


        Shame there’s no smaller version yet, but since they’ve made a baby Evolv and the budget market is keen on mATX boards, I wouldn’t be surprised if they shrunk these later this year.

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