Oculus will discount Oculus Ready PCs as part of a Rift bundle

Oculus' Rift is almost here, but in case you haven't heard, it's probably not going to run on the old family laptop. For those uninterested in building a new gaming PC from scratch this spring, Oculus has announced several new Oculus Ready PCs from Asus, Alienware, and Dell. Starting on February 16th, these machines can be preordered as part of a bundle including the Oculus Rift headset.

Each bundle includes a PC that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for the Oculus Rift, along with the headset itself and everything else Oculus will ship with its Rift preorder packages. That includes the sensor, remote, Xbox One controller, EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky's Tale. Buyers who bundle one of these PCs with a Rift will get a discount of up to $200 on the system's regular price.

Oculus says that for a limited time, buyers can get a pre-built Oculus Ready PC and the Oculus Rift starting for as little as $1499. Three of the options, the Asus G11CD, Alienware X51 R3, and Dell XPS 8900 SE, all have pretty similar hardware under the hood. Each is powered by an Intel Core i5-6400 CPU, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 1TB hard drive.

It's a little sad to see brand-new gaming PCs being sold without solid-state storage, but we figure corners had to be cut on systems that already include a Windows license, a $189 processor and a $330-ish video card. While we favor building our own machines, these rigs seem decently priced for what they offer.

Anyone willing to spend a little more might look at the two ROG G20CB systems from Asus. The $1349 model offers the same GTX 970 and Core i5-6400 as the entry-level machines above, but upgrades the storage to a single 512GB SSD. The $1599 G20CB offers a Core i7-6700 CPU, a GeForce GTX 980, a 256GB SSD, and a 1TB hard drive. Remember that neither of those prices represent the total bundle cost, though.

Alternately, Alienware offers the $2549 Area 51, which comes with a Core i7-5820K, a GeForce GTX 980, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, 128GB of solid-state storage, and a 2TB hard drive. That one's not so great a value.

All five models will be available for preorder through Best Buy, Amazon, and the Microsoft Store. If you've already preordered your Rift and need a PC to go with it, you'll still be able to get in on a discounted Oculus Ready PC by opting into partner offers from Oculus.

If you're willing to get your hands dirty, though, you can always check out our most recent system guide and build your own VR-capable machine for not a whole lot more than any of these machines on their own. Just sayin'.

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