HP will bring FreeSync to all of its AMD-powered laptops this year

AMD has announced that HP will be offering consumers FreeSync-enabled HP Envy 15z laptops sometime during the first half of this year. Those machines will be powered by AMD's latest Carrizo A-Series processors. By the end of the year, HP plans to go a step further and enable FreeSync on all of its AMD-powered consumer laptops.

FreeSync is AMD's variable-refresh-rate technology that can reduce image tearing and choppiness.  HP's move to add the technology to mid-range laptops like the Envy 15z may expose Freesync to a much wider audience. We don't expect earth-shattering performance from integrated graphics, so FreeSync could benefit these lower-powered machines so long as their screens can handle lower refresh rates.

We don't have the specifications for the FreeSync-equipped Envy 15z yet, but we created a version of the current model for $559.99 that includes a Carrizo FX-8800P APU. That part includes four Excavator cores and eight Radeon R7 compute units with a 35W TDP. Reviews have indicated that Carrizo performs best with dual-channel memory, and the current Envy 15z comes with two DIMMs standard.

AMD also announced design wins with HP for its AMD Pro A-Series mobile processors. Those chips have found their way into two new ProBooks: the ProBook  645 and ProBook 655.

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