Dr. Damage asks: Fudging on Tiger MP memory?

OK, this is a very specific question. The guys at ZZQOnline hooked us up with a new Tyan Tiger MP motherboard for a test we're putting together. (I believe ZZQOnline actually has some of these boards in stock, by the way. You'll have to check with them. They're quite the source for AMD dually stuff.) Tyan's docs say IN ALL CAPS a bunch of times that the Tiger MP requires registered ECC DDR memory, which I don't have on hand—not that I'd let that stop me. I read somewhere online (some Tiger MP review I can't find now) that the Tiger MP only needs registered memory when more than two DIMM slots are occupied. I can install Win2K and run programs without any problem using a single DIMM of non-registered, non-ECC PC2100 memory. However, the system gets consistent failures when copying files in the Windows XP install routine.

Now either there's a compatibility problem with the Tiger MP and WinXP, or I'm just really pushing my luck by using non-registered ECC memory, even in a single-DIMM configuration. Are any of you all lucky enough to have experience with a Tiger MP rig? If so, have you played with different types of RAM, or have you read anything about what this board will tolerate?

This isn't exactly a big deal, since 256MB of registered ECC memory is only 40 bucks, but I'm curious now.

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