SiS's new DDR333 chipset screams

The new fastest Pentium 4 chipset has arrived, and it's from SiS. The SiS 645 chipset supports DDR333 memory—DDR SDRAM that runs at 166/333MHz. That's a big step in the right direction for DDR memory on the Pentium 4 platform. We've already seen how 266MHz DDR memory can match PC800 RDRAM step-for-step. This new DDR speed, however, looks to match even the peak bandwidth numbers of RDRAM.

Michael over at LostCircuits has an in-depth write-up on the SiS 645, complete with benchmarks that show we have a new winner in the Quake III timedemo sweeps—and not by a little bit. The guys at Accelenation have also reviewed the 645, as has Anand. Pair this puppy up with Northw00d, and watch out.

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