Bethesda announces megatons of DLC for Fallout 4

Bethesda has good news for gamers who've already worked their way through all that Fallout 4 has to offer. In the next three months, Bethesda will release three different add-ons for its popular role-playing game. The company has more planned for later in the year, too.

In March, Bethesda will release Automatron for $10. This DLC will add hordes of robots to the game world. Players will be able to harvest parts and construct their own custom robot companions. In April, we'll get our hands on the Wasteland Workshop. For $5, this add-on will allow players to trap live creatures and either tame them or fight them in arena-style cage matches.

The big release will be Far Harbor, which will debut in May for $25. This content pack will open up an island off the coast of Maine for players to explore. The company claims that this DLC will offer more new landmass than any add-on it's ever created. Along with the new stomping grounds come new quests, settlements, creatures, and, of course, armor and weapons.

Bethesda claims that there's even more DLC to come. In fact, it claims that more than $60 worth of DLC will be headed our way in the next year. In turn, there will be changes to the Fallout 4 Season Pass. The pass, which currently sells for $30, allows players to purchase all Fallout 4 DLC for one price. Starting March 1, the price for the season pass will increase to $50. Gamers who've already shelled out for the season pass will still get access to all of the upcoming DLC, as will those who purchase it before March rolls around.

Finally, Bethesda offered two other teasers in its announcement. First, the company plans to completely overhaul the Survival Mode of the game, promising "food, sleep, diseases, danger and more." Hopefully the revamped mode is more similar to what players could access in Fallout: New Vegas. Second, Bethesda is still working on the game's Creation Kit. We'll have to wait a bit longer before the modding community can start developing its own new content for the game.

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