1. VIA announces full support for Athlon XP 1800+
  2. Winamp3 beta 1 is here
  3. Electic Tech on AMD's announcement to collaborate with Microsoft,
    Andersen's independent audit of AMD's Athlon XP benchmarking,
    and Samsung's support for Athlon XP with high speed DDR SDRAM
  4. Cutting The Edge interviews Kreed
  5. asks you to help them figure out what this thing is!
  6. OtakuPC goes to AMD's XPPCCentral
Processor and chipset

  1. Amdmb, AMDZone, AnandTech, EuroGamer, [H]ard|OCP, Hardware-TEST, NewsForge,
    OcPrices, Source Magazine, techhard, and Tom's Hardware Guide review AMD Athlon XP 1800+
  2. [H]ard|OCP and Tom's Hardware Guide preview SiS645 chipset
Multimedia and cooling

  1. Overclockers Online reviews VisionTek GF3
  2. Neoseeker reviews Olympus C-700 Ultra Zoom digital camera
  3. Digit-Life's September storage
    and mobile technologies & communication digests
  4. I am not a geek reviews Lian-Li Ex-10 front gamers port
  5. OnePC reviews Compex Waveport WP11 wireless access point
  6. Viper's Lair reviews HighSpeedPC AGP Airlift
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