Aerocool's Dream Box kit lets builders shape their own case

Construction kits never quite lose their cool. Today's Lego kits might not be as awesome as the ones I played with as a child, but they're still fun in a way that other kinds of toys aren't. Perhaps this is why Aerocool's new Dream Box DIY PC case construction kit caught my eye, even if it isn't the most convenient or practical way to build a system.

The Dream Box's starter kit ships with 188 parts, including a variety of aluminum bars, metal beams, joints, and mounting rings. Brackets and panels specifically designed to hold a motherboard and power supply are included, along with an I/O panel. If you'd like to see how the parts fit together, check out Aerocool's video tutorial. Notably absent from the kit are panels of any kind. The aluminum pipes that form the edges of the case have grooved edges that look like they could hold sheets of panel material, but builders would be buying (and cutting!) that sheet themselves.

The Dream Box lends itself to other kinds of projects, as well. Aerocool's suggestions include a helicopter and a wild boar. More practical projects, like a small table or platform, are also possible. As always, the limiting factor is probably the price. The Dream Box kit costs $150, which is on the pricey side for the skeleton of one computer case. This skeleton probably makes more sense for a builder who intends to use and reuse the kit for a variety of projects. Aerocool says the Dream Box is available now.

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