Lenovo's new convertible laptops are portable and flexible

Balancing mobility and utility can be difficult. At Mobile World Congress this weekend, Lenovo revealed the Yoga 710 and Yoga 510 laptops and a 2-in-1 detachable Miix tablet. All of these machines can be used as a laptop or tablet, but each one emphasizes different qualities of that combination.

Yoga 710

The Yoga 710 convertible laptops are geared toward productivity and portability, and they come in two sizes. The 14-inch model is powered by an unspecified Skylake Intel Core i7 processor. It comes standard with a 256GB SSD, and buyers can opt for Nvidia discrete graphics power if it's needed. The base 14" model starts at about $1000. The smaller 11-inch model sports, at best, a Core m5 processor, but it weighs only 2.3 pounds. Its price will start about $880. Lenovo claims that the batteries in both models can run up to eight hours, and both come with 1080p displays. The Yoga 710 lineup will be available starting in May.

Yoga 510

The two Yoga 510 models (or the Yoga Flex 4 in North America) are cheaper than the 710s, but offer many of the same features. The offer a bit more battery life than the 710 models (8.5 hours over 8 hours, by Lenovo's numbers), and they can transition between laptop, stand, tent, and tablet modes. These machines are also powered by CPUs as powerful as Skylake Core i7s, but buyers can get an as-yet-unannounced Radeon R7 M460 graphics card with 2GB of video RAM as an option. The 15-inch model starts at $770, while the $14-inch model starts at $530. Both will be available starting in April.

Ideapad MIIX

In June, Lenovo will release the Ideapad Miix, a 10-inch 2-in-1 tablet. Its most notable feature is the detachable keyboard that comes in the box with the device. Lenovo didn't identify this machine's processor, but the company does say that it has 64GB of eMMC storage and 4GB of of RAM. Optionally, the display can be upgraded to FHD, suggesting that the base model starts at a lower resolution. Lenovo claims up to 10 hours of battery life with the Ideapad Miix, and its starting price is $300.

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