Play Tennis Day Shortbread

The Starting Five

  1. Reuters: U.S. government, Apple take

    encryption case to court of public opinion

  2. The Motley Fool: Intel Corp. confirms first

    10-nanometer product on track for 2017 introduction

  3. VideoCardz: AMD Radeon 400 series leaks and rumors

    and AMD Radeon M400 series to be released in April

  4. Android Police: Cyanogen launches a new MOD

    platform for deeper integration of apps in Android

  5. VideoCardz: Microsoft feared XBLA would

    “completely destroy the console industry”

Play Tennis Day

  1. Neowin: Piracy could be helping Windows’ marketshare
  2. TechCrunch: ‘A small number‘ of RIft

    pre-orders were just canceled by Oculus

  3. Softpedia: Linux kernel 4.3.6 is the last in

    the series, users urged to move to Linux 4.4

  4. Linux 4.5-rc5
  5. Newegg’s deals


  1. Ars Technica’s Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge hands-on
  2. Neowin: Windows 10 Mobile Redstone builds to

    “open up to more models soon” says Gabe Aul


  1. Ocaholic pits Core i7-6700K vs. i5-6600K stock and OC
  2. KitGuru’s Supermicro C7Z170-SQ motherboard review
  3. AnandTech and Legit Reviews on Samsung Portable SSD T3
  4. PCPer’s Logitech Artemis Spectrum G933/G633 headset review
  5. OCinside’s Tt Suppressor F1 mini-ITX case unboxing video
  6. Technic3D’s Corsair Carbide Series 400Q case review (in German)
  7. techPowerUp! reviews Swiftech H220 X2 watercooling kit
  8. Technology X’s Noctua NH-C14S C-Type CPU cooler review
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    • LoneWolf15
    • 4 years ago

    Play tennis? We have a foot of snow.

    • Unknown-Error
    • 4 years ago

    Play Tennis Day Shortbread:

    Favorite serve? Pete Sampras!!!

    • Deanjo
    • 4 years ago

    [quote<]Neowin: Piracy could be helping Windows' marketshare[/quote<] What a stupid article (on par for Neowin). Of course it does, there is no "could" about it. Mathematically if there is even one pirated copy, it increases their marketshare.

    • TopHatKiller
    • 4 years ago

    LOVING the Amd ‘400 rumours…. so full of facts, reliable facts… no idiotic speculation at all.
    So: the top end ‘polaris’ has: 8 or 19bn transistors, 90-300w tdp , 2000sp to 8000sp, a front end that is… something, or not! and a backend! OR! No backend at all, it’s like integrated. Or something.
    So, whoosh, now we all know.

    • blastdoor
    • 4 years ago

    [quote<]Reuters: U.S. government, Apple take encryption case to court of public opinion [/quote<] Some other interesting developments include: 1. Pew study finds more Americans side with the FBI than Apple. [url<][/url<] So if Apple is just doing this as part of a "marketing strategy," then I guess they'll probably give it up soon, since this obviously isn't a good marketing strategy. 2. So much for "we only want it just for this phone": [url<][/url<]

    • willmore
    • 4 years ago

    [quote<]Android Police: Cyanogen launches a new MOD platform for deeper integration of apps in Android [/quote<] Should say "Cyanogen Inc." the spinoff company that is becoming Microsoft's variant of Android. It'll allow most of the junk that Microsoft has been pushing on their other platforms: Skype, Cortana, etc. Cyanogen Inc. is going about 180 degrees from the direction most Cyanogenmod users want it to. More stuff from the company that said they would backdoor their OS for the government if asked.

      • w76
      • 4 years ago

      Cyanogen is still their trade name, no where on their home page do you see Cyanogen Inc. It’s all Cyanogen or Cyanogen Mod.

      For the same reason you don’t drive down Main Street and see “LLC” or “dba” or “Inc” on every commercial vehicle door, signage, etc. It’s almost always omitted except in legal documents/invoices/etc, or when it’s intentionally part of the name for some marketing angle.

      • kn00tcn
      • 4 years ago

      what does cyanogenOS’s integrations have to do with cyanogenMOD that is open source with plenty of user forks?

    • Anovoca
    • 4 years ago

    ASROCK joins the C232 market today $144 [url<][/url<] Meanwhile Asus marks their board down to $124 from $144 [url<][/url<]

    • brucethemoose
    • 4 years ago

    [quote<]The Motley Fool: Intel Corp. confirms first 10-nanometer product on track for 2017 introduction [/quote<] Now where have I heard that before... Oh ya [url<][/url<] I think Intel is adopting [url=<]Valve's announcement strategy.[/url<]

      • chuckula
      • 4 years ago

      Well Kaby Lake would be the third iteration on 14nm… OH CRAP KABY LAKE WILL NEVER LAUNCH.

        • USAFTW
        • 4 years ago

        Unless by “on track for 2017” they mean Q4 2017. Or maybe they want to pull another Broadwell-DT.

          • DancinJack
          • 4 years ago

          It did say H2, which generally means December 20-31.

            • willmore
            • 4 years ago

            Is that calender dates or Intel business calendar dates? I can’t remember what Intel uses for their business year, but I thought it was way off of calendar dates–like 6 months or so.

            • chuckula
            • 4 years ago

            That’s Nvidia. Intel is relatively normal.

            • ikjadoon
            • 4 years ago

            It’ll be like Broadwell. One product is sold with Core M in November. The rest follow in early spring the year after.

      • TopHatKiller
      • 4 years ago

      sad Xbitlabs went down… they had great cpu reviews, and one of the few sits that did gpu-cooler reviews.

    • RoxasForTheWin
    • 4 years ago

    “There was a legitimate fear that Xbox Live Arcade was going to cannibalize retail sales and completely destroy the console industry,” XBLA creator Greg Canessa told IGN.

    Simple solution, just charge the same price for digital and retail /s. That’ll make ’em happy

      • derFunkenstein
      • 4 years ago

      Actually, the solution seems to be “charge more for digital”. After about 3 weeks, Amazon starts discounting a game and it’s still $60 on the digital stores.

        • BobbinThreadbare
        • 4 years ago

        Isn’t the solution to cut out brick and mortar retail and earn higher margin while also reducing cost to consumers?

          • derFunkenstein
          • 4 years ago

          Well, yes, but what I previously posted is what’s actually happening.

        • GrimDanfango
        • 4 years ago

        As with all things Triple-A – they will never settle for a fair sum, or even the same they’ve always got – big business demands constant growth, and they either want ALL of the money, or to die-trying.
        They’ll continue sidelining digital and pushing bricks’n’mortar until the distant day when their business model entirely crumbles beneath them.

    • dragontamer5788
    • 4 years ago

    [quote<]The Motley Fool: Intel Corp. confirms first 10-nanometer product on track for 2017 introduction [/quote<] Could be an issue for AMD Zen, depends on how good or expensive the 10nm node is. A lot of people are saying that these smaller nodes are thermally constrained now, and literally can't run any faster... only more efficiently. If so, Zen may still find a solid place in the desktop... but will have hard time penetrating the higher cost server or higher-revenue laptop markets.

      • blastdoor
      • 4 years ago

      Yeah, I think that’s right…

      AMD has always lagged behind Intel in terms of manufacturing process, but that has not always resulted in AMD being uncompetitive.

      AMD just needs to make a decent product that is attractive from a $/performance perspective without lagging too far behind Intel with respect to performance/watt. That will get them into a lot of desktops and workstations, and that would be a big improvement from where they are now.

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