Eyes on the prize II

It turns out that accelenation, along with some other websites, had a large hand in getting Iwill's mystery board to the market. What is the Iwill XP333, and why should you be excited about it?
Wow. I have to say, there is no preview I have been more anxious about writing this year. The story behind this board is long, involved, sometimes hilarious, and often times very tense. For those of you not familiar with this board already, I am going to give you a brief history on how it came about, and why some people are so excited about it. So here we go!
Since Iwill designed this motherboard with a lot of help from the overclocking community, is it fair to call the XP333 the first 'designer' motherboard? While it is easy to be picayune, keep in mind that this is an engineering board. Actual performance should be...better, especially with faster memory. The usual caveats aside, it comes loaded with features—onboard ATA-133 RAID?!—and is definitely worth a closer look, if only for those PCI dividers.

Iwill's contest is here.

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