Wooting One keyboard can act like an analog controller

Wooting is a name you may not be immediately familiar with, but the fledgling company is looking to make a splash in the keyboard arena. The company has announced the Wooting One, a tenkeyless board targeted at the gaming market.

This board has one twist that regular gaming keyboards don't, though. A regular key press is an all-or-nothing affair. The Wooting One uses switches that measure the pressure applied to them. That input can then be turned into a variety of actions in games. Example include pressing a key harder to make a character run instead of walk, or using WASD keys to precisely control a vehicle in driving games. If this concept sounds a little familiar, it's because Topre demonstrated a similar concept last year. Check out Wooting's demo video below:

Although Wooting doesn't go into much detail, the company mentions that its software can help players "customize analog functions for each game," so it's not too far-fetched to imagine there's some sort of gamepad or joystick emulation going on to ensure compatibility with existing games. As a bonus, Wooting says that the keyboard's settings can be stored in internal memory. The One can drop the analog input and act as a plain ol' regular keyboard, too.

Wooting's statement that the switches inside the One are "not just a Red switch" is open to interpretation, but it seems to indicate that the company has developed its own take on the good ol' Cherry MX Red switches. The frameless upper deck of the board lets the per-key RGB LED backlighting shine.

Other touches include swappable top plates and a detachable braided USB cable that can be routed using the gutters on the keyboard's underside. Wooting offers no word on pricing or expected availability, but interested folks can join a waiting list for more information.

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