In the lab: a case, cooler, and power supply from be quiet!

TR has covered news of various products from be quiet! for some time now, and I'm pleased to welcome a raft of the company's hardware into our labs for testing. The company sent us its Silent Base 800 case, its Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU cooler, and its Dark Power Pro 11 850W PSU for evaluation. Let's take a quick look at these in turn.

First up, we're looking at the Silent Base 800 full-tower in black and silver with a windowed side panel. This is a big, distinctive-looking case that's full of silencing features, including a unique double-glazed side window on the left panel and thick foam behind the drive door, front fan cover, and right side panel. At $150 on Newegg right now, this case isn't cheap, but its distinctive feature set might make it worth the price. We'll have to find out in our review.

Next, have a gander at the Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU cooler. This huge dual-tower heatsink draws air through its front face using a 120-mm Silent Wings fan, and the two towers hide a second, 135-mm Silent Wings spinner inside. At 2.6 pounds (1.2 kilograms), the Dark Rock Pro 3 is a massive thing to hang off a motherboard, but its dark nickel plating and brushed-aluminum cap will probably class up any build. We strangely can't find a retail price for this monster online right now, but be quiet! says the Dark Rock Pro 3 carries a $90 suggested price.

Finally, we have be quiet!'s Dark Power Pro 11 850W PSU. My case-and-cooling test rigs needed a PSU upgrade, and be quiet! had just the thing. Not only can this PSU provide more power than one could conceivably need for anything short of a multi-GPU setup, the Dark Power Pro 11 is also built with the same 135-mm Silent Wings fan as the Dark Rock Pro 3 above.

This unit comes stock with rubber isolators on its front and rear edges to minimize vibration transfer. Even though it doesn't have a semi-silent mode, I can't imagine the Dark Power Pro's fan will ever need to spin up much past idle thanks to its 80 Plus Platinum rating. We'll have to see how it performs when it's actually plugged in, but I have high hopes for this unit. At $180 right now, this PSU is a bit spendy, but high power and Platinum certification don't come cheap.

Our thanks to be quiet! for this cool hardware. Stay tuned for our reviews of the Silent Base 800 and Dark Rock Pro 3.

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