The HTC Vive is now available for pre-order

HTC's Vive VR headset is now available for pre-order. The $799 kit includes the Vive itself, two hand controllers, and the two base stations you'll need to set up the Vive's virtual environment. HTC is bundling Google's Tilt Brush app, Fantastic Contraption, and Job Simulator with the Vive to give owners a jumping-off point. If you're not in the USA, HTC has also published a list of international prices for the pre-order bundle.

We've pre-ordered a Vive for review, and HTC's online store suggests that our unit will ship sometime in April. Others aren't having such an easy time of things, though. HTC suggests buyers should refresh the Vive's store page if they get an "out of stock" message, though Twitter users have reported problems completing orders with international shipping addresses, too. If you ordered a Vive this morning, let us know how it went in the comments.

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