Report: GPU shipments fell 14% year-over-year in Q4 2015

Jon Peddie Research has published its Market Watch report on the ebb and flow of the graphics processor market for the fourth quarter of 2015. Although the GPU market overall is still going through a rough patch—consider the 9% year-on-year decrease in desktop graphics processors and a 17% year-on-year drop in notebooks, for an average of a 14% decrease—the last quarter of 2015 did produce a rise of 2.4% over the previous quarter if we look at all GPUs shipped.

JPR thinks this indicates a rebound for the GPU market, which it says is outperforming the "stabilizing" PC market. Sales for the PC market as a whole increased 2% over Q3 2015, but that rise is still overshadowed by a 10.27% year-on-year drop overall. The 2.4% rise for GPU shipments in Q4 2015 is a definite improvement over the ten-year average of -3.4%, though.

When it comes to individual manufacturers, AMD's shipments rose 5.16% over Q3 2015, while Nvidia's climbed 8.41%. Intel saw a modest 0.73% increase in total shipments. JPR says that discrete graphics cards are now in 31.28% of all PCs, a 1.34% climb over the previous quarter. Most of that rise seems to have come in the form of dedicated notebook graphics chips, though, as add-in card sales are down 4.87% quarter-to-quarter.

Finally, JPR's numbers for market share are as follows:

  Q4 2015 share Quarterly change Year-on-year change
AMD 11.8% 0.3% -1.9%
Intel 71.6% -1.2% 0.2%
Nvidia 16.6% 0.9% 1.6%

JPR points out that despite the fact that neither AMD or Nvidia released new GPUs in the second half of 2015, both companies' existing products performed quite well during the last year. The firm also believes this renewed hunger for graphic processing power was triggered by a "half dozen really terrific, and processor-intensive games in the second half of 2014." We'll have to see what effect the release of VR hardware this year has on the market.

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