A10-7890K and Athlon X4 880K take top spots in AMD FM2+ lineup

AMD added two new top dogs to its A10 APU and Athlon CPU lineups this morning. On the APU side of the aisle, the A10-7890K runs at 4.1GHz base and 4.3GHz turbo speeds, a 200MHz clock speed bump over its predecessor, the A10-7870K.

Clock speed increase aside, the 7890K maintains the same Radeon R7 graphics block as the 7870K. It's got eight GCN compute units running at 866MHz. The 7890K slots into the same 95W TDP, too. Like other K-series APUs, the 7890K is unlocked for easy overclocking.

The cherry on top of this APU is AMD's excellent Wraith cooler, which comes standard with this chip. The A10-7890K will retail for a suggested price of $165 with the Wraith in-box.

The Athlon X4 880K, meanwhile, is a quad-core CPU with no integrated graphics onboard. This 95W chip runs at 4GHz base and 4.2GHz turbo speeds, and it's also unlocked for easy overclocking. AMD is introducing a new cooler with this part: a "near-silent 125W thermal solution," or what looks like a Wraith without the fancy light-up shroud. All that comes for a $95 suggested price.

The A10-7870K will continue on in the lineup with the same shroudless Wraith cooler that AMD is introducing with the Athlon X4 880K. Look for these chips on retail shelves soon.

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