Report: Intel is building an augmented-reality headset

Augmented reality (AR) has yet to truly take off, but the avenues it opens for entertainment and work are manifold, as demonstrated by Microsoft's HoloLens. Intel is apparently thinking along the same lines, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. WSJ talked to several people "briefed on the company's plans" who say that the chip maker is working on its own version of an AR headset.

The headset in question is reportedly built using Intel's RealSense 3D camera technology, which WSJ says was initially billed as an add-on peripheral. Interestingly, it appears that Intel won't be adding its own logo to the headset—the company may instead offer its design to other manufacturers. Indeed, back in January, Intel demoed a combination of a RealSense camera and a smartphone-based headset from IonVR.

WSJ also points out that Intel has acquired at least five companies working on augmented reality technology, including Recon Instruments (where TR alumnus Cyril Kowaliski now resides). Daqri's chief executive Brian Mullins went on record to say that "[Intel understands] that wearables and augmented and virtual reality are the next big platform."

Intel's RealSense VP Achin Bhowmik made no specific comment about the headset to the WSJ, but he did let slip that "[Intel CEO Brian Krzanich] asked the RealSense team to help Intel build new markets in fields like drones and robots." Interestingly enough, one of WSJ's informants said that Intel is collaborating with Microsoft on the topic of AR headsets. Microsoft offered no comment.

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