Asus GeForce GTX 950-2G can run without a 6-pin power plug

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 950 graphics card is already thrifty on power, but a new version of the card from Asus looks even more efficient. The company's GeForce GTX 950-2G has a near-reference spec sheet, with 768 stream processors, a 128-bit memory bus, and 2GB of RAM. The card is also clocked at 1026MHz base and 1190MHz boost speeds. Get this, though: Asus says the card has a board power of 75W and doesn't need a six-pin PCIe power connector.

There's a dizzying array of GTX 950s out there, but this Asus card appears to be the first that doesn't require external power. A drop-in GTX 950 would represent a nice boost in performance for systems that can't provide external power to the graphics card. Nvidia's own GeForce GTX 750 Ti was the previous low-power champion for systems with that restriction. Perhaps we'll see similar cards from other Nvidia board partners soon.

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