Origin PC Chronos joins in the small-form-factor fun

Look who's just joined 2016's mini-computer party. Origin PC has announced its Chronos mini-PC, which packs a respectable amount of firepower in a small ammo belt. Check out the presentation video.

The Chronos is quite small, measuring 11.8" x 4" x 13.8" (W x H x D)—or 30 cm x 10 cm x 35 cm—which works out to a total volume of 10.7 liters. The small size belies the system's strength, though. Origin says the Chronos can take in full-length graphics cards as powerful as a GeForce GTX Titan Z, a range of CPUs from Intel's Haswell-E or Skylake families that tops out with the Core i7-5960X, and as much as 32GB of RAM. An Origin Frostbyte 120 closed-loop liquid cooler keeps those chips chilly. Choices for power supplies include several units up to 850W.

Origin's storage options offer plenty of variety, too. Users can fit up to four 2.5" drives, a 3.5" HDD, and a PCIe M.2 SSD in the Chronos. There's an optical drive thrown in for good measure, too.

The Chronos comes with detachable magnetic feet and a rotating backlit logo, which allow it to be placed in horizontal, vertical, or upside-down orientation. Lighting options include red, blue, or green LEDs, or a remote-controlled multi-LED system. Prices start at $1,440 for a Chronos with a Z170 motherboard, a Core i5-6500, a GeForce GTX 950, 8GB of RAM, and a 120GB SSD.

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