Valve invites VR gamers back into the Portal universe with The Lab

Valve's Robot Repair VR demo for the HTC Vive, set in the Portal universe, is already one of the more interesting peeks at what's possible on the platform. Now, the company is expanding the range of VR experiences in that setting. It's being widely reported that Valve will show off a new set of VR demos called The Lab next week at the Game Developers Conference. According to Polygon, The Lab will apparently take place inside Aperture Science's facilities, though we don't know much more about it yet.

After its GDC debut, The Lab will be made available free of charge this spring to Vive owners who want to step into Aperture's facilities. That's an exciting prospect for folks who've already plunked down $800 on a Vive pre-order. Valve has also released a SteamVR Performance Test to let gamers see whether their PCs are up to snuff for the Vive. With luck, we'll get to see what The Lab has in store soon after that headset begins shipping early in April.

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