Report: SK Hynix will start mass-producing HBM2 memory this year

A new generation of graphics cards is coming, and memory chipmaker SK Hynix wants to be part of the revolution. According to the German IT website, SK Hynix plans to start production of second-generation High Bandwith Memory (HBM2) soon. 4GB SK Hynix chips are apparently slated for the third quarter of the year, and 8GB chips will arrive in the fourth quarter. With this move, SK Hynix provides some competition for Samsung, who already announced production plans for HBM2 memory.

This announcement follows standards body JEDEC's update of the HBM standard. HBM2 maintains the same bus width as HBM, but has higher clock rates and capacity. By increasing the frequency of a stack from 1 Ghz to 2 Ghz, the data rate can reach 256 GB/s, twice as much bandwidth as the earlier standard. reports that SK Hynix also has plans for slower HBM2 variants. Capable of 204 GB/s, these chips might be destined for future mid-to-low-range graphics cards, or for another application altogether. The site says that SK Hynix declined to specify whether the chips were intended for GPUs, SoCs, CPUs, or another application.

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