This builder proves drill presses and graphics cards don't mix

We've all had times when something just didn't quite fit right during a PC build, but usually that means it's time to stop and consider why tab A isn't going into slot B. LinusTechTips forums poster Zanderlinde wasn't deterred when a screw hole on his GeForce GTX 980 Ti didn't quite line up with a Corsair HG10 liquid-cooling bracket, though. Even though Corsair's official installation video suggests that no screw or mounting nut needs to pass through this hole, Zanderlinde was convinced that one did, and he put the card on his trusty drill press to move the offending hole "just a tiny bit in."

Images: Zanderlinde via LinusTechTips forums

After that treatment, the card stopped working. In a last-ditch attempt to simulate what might happen if a glob of solder was applied to the newly-exposed traces near that screw hole, Zanderlinde started up his system with a screwdriver in the hole and let out the magic smoke. The carnage didn't end there, though. Out of frustration, it appears the poster broke the card over his knee. 

Image: Zanderlinde via LinusTechTips forums

Moral of the story? If something doesn't seem to fit right, triple- or quadruple-check the instruction manual and reference materials before deploying the heavy equipment, or stop and ask your friendly forum community of choice for help.

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