Asus shrinks its power-sipping GTX 950

Just a few days ago, Asus pulled back the curtain on its GeForce GTX 950-2G, a spin of the GTX 950 graphics card without an auxiliary PCIe power connector. That card already looked like a great choice for an HTPC, but Asus just went one step further. Meet the GeForce GTX 950 Mini.

As the name and pretty picture imply, Asus took some power tools and chopped a couple inches off the GTX 950-2G, although the company did a much better job than that other guy with his GTX 980 Ti.

The GTX 950 Mini is only 6.7" long (or 17cm), exactly the same length as a Mini-ITX motherboard. Despite the diminutive size, the GTX 950 Mini's GPU is still clocked at 1026 MHz base and 1190 MHz boost speeds. An "OC mode" is available, which pushes the card a little further to 1051 MHz base and 1228 MHz boost clocks.

Like its double-fanned brother, the GTX 950 Mini needs no external power input, and it packs 2GB of RAM clocked at 6610 MT/s. The selection of output ports is the same, too: one DisplayPort, two HDMI 2.0 ports, and a DVI output.

This GTX 950 Mini looks close to ideal for tiny budget gaming PCs. It's not hard to imagine a toaster-sized mean gaming machine with this card in it.

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