Elite: Dangerous will soon support the final Oculus Rift

Elite: Dangerous was one of the first games to support the Oculus Rift development headsets, but it's been stuck supporting version 0.5 of the Oculus SDK for a while now (or version 0.8 through SteamVR). That means it has trouble supporting the consumer version of the Rift, requiring users to do some fancy footwork to play the game correctly with that headset.

That's going to be fixed soon, though. The news comes straight from the boss of the galaxy himself, David Braben. In an interview with Ars Technica, Braben revealed that an upcoming point release of Elite: Dangerous will also pack an update to its Oculus Rift support. That's just in the nick of time, too, as the Oculus store opens on March 28.

According to Frontier Developments, the Oculus SDK update combined with the final version of the Rift headset should let users enjoy substantial visual quality and tracking smoothness over previous Rifts. The consumer version is also reportedly much more comfortable to wear than the Oculus DK2.

Elite: Dangerous is already integrated with SteamVR. Ars' Lee Hutchinson confirmed the game works perfectly with his Vive Pre headset. When David Braben was asked if he prefers the Rift or the Vive, he politely noted that "both parties have treated us very well." Here's to hoping that both headsets provide a great experience.

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