On Detonator XP 21.83 and multi-monitor setups

I'm going to take a page from Steve at the Shack and file this one under stuff that sucks. I'm having the worst luck with NVIDIA drivers of late. To be honest, I get the distinct impression it's all my fault, but I feel the need to complain anyway.

Instead of releasing two builds of the 21.83 drivers—WHQL and non-WHQL certified—NVIDIA has instead bundled two INF files into the existing driver release. Nvnologo.inf is the file that contains the necessary setup information for the TNT, Aladdin TNT2, and the GeForce2 Ti. Those cards did not receive WHQL certifcation under this new driver. The remaining cards in the NVIDIA line have received the certification, so they're listed under the nv4_disp.inf file. This is a good arrangement, but for those of us with a multi-monitor setup, it presents a few issues—at least it does with my setup.

For reasons I can't fathom, installing WHQL drivers causes Windows 2000 to revert back to single-monitor support, despite the fact that the exact same driver has been installed for the second video card. Also, if both NVIDIA cards don't install from the same INF file, Windows 2000 tosses an error claiming that the driver has failed and the system has reverted back to the VGA driver. This hasn't in fact happened, but the system is limited to just the primary monitor only and a persistent, nagging error message. Damned if you do; damned if you don't. You have to install from a single INF file and you have to delete the .cat file in order to insure success.

Anyway, I managed to "hack" the INF file to have TNT support. If you have a TNT PCI card as a secondary monitor and want to use these new drivers, you can grab the file from here.

I suppose I shouldn't whine too much. After all, I got it to work. Unfortunately, ACPI S3 and S4 support is still broken—another problem specific to my setup. The functionality has been broken in every release since 12.90. A minor gripe, I know, but I'm lazy and hate shutting down my box. Suspend to RAM is just so much more convienent.

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