Gears of War: Ultimate Edition developer details upcoming patch

If you have your ear to the ground, you may have heard that the recently-released Gears of War: Ultimate Edition seems to have contracted a serious case of consolitis. The PC gaming community's complaints haven't been falling on deaf ears, though. The Gears development team has now outlined and published a plan to fix the game's most pressing problems.

According to Gears' technical director Cam, the team has been "reading the forums and looking over social media." It's working on a patch that'll probably be released sometime next week. The coming update will bring performance optimizations, better VRAM usage (which should help with a missing-texture bug), tweaks to ambient occlusion, and an option to disable mouse smoothing. Cam said the team expects to improve the game's online matchmaking with optimized playlists, too.

Cam was upfront about what the team hopes to do about other issues that Gears gamers on the PC have been discussing. Among other things, the team is apparently looking into features like enabling support for ultra-wide screen resolutions, adding controls to adjust field of view, and adding support for multi-GPU configurations. On the variable-refresh-rate front, the Gears devs are working with AMD on fixing FreeSync support. G-Sync appears to be working already, provided that GeForce owners have the latest driver release installed.

The team may also be working on solutions to problems that are endemic to Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform. Cam says the Gears team is working with Microsoft on enabling control over v-sync, and "looking into" exposing the game's .exe and .ini files. Last but not least, the team is also looking to reduce gameplay hitches when streaming level data, as well as audio stuttering on older systems.

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